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PM2 Property Management company

Created in 2018

About Us

Created in 2018, PM2 is a Property Management company exclusively specialized in Long Term Rental Management services in Lisbon and Porto. Our main goal is to offer a turnkey  service to the real estate owners and investors in order to support them on each stage of their investments.

Additionally, we also provide customised and on demand services in order to meet our clients' needs within the scope of our expertise.

By collaborating with PM2 the property owner will benefit from his/her investment(s) free of any worries.

PM2 is known for its proactivity and quickness in its reply as well as its client's proximity. Ethics and transparency drive PM2 daily work.

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Long Term Rentals

Rental Management

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Operational, Administrative and Financial Management

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Linked Services

Investment Advising

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Property Hunting & Extra Support

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Renovation Management

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Renovation Project Definition, Quotes Requests & Analysis and Renovation Works Follow-up

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Sales Strategy & Support

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Sales Strategy & Sales Support

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Our Team

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Email Michael Limpens - PM2

Michael Limpens

General Manager
Portuguese | English | French
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Email Catarina Teles - PM2

Catarina Teles

Lisbon City Manager
Portuguese | English | Spanish
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Email Rita Gusmão - PM2

Rita Gusmão

Property Manager Lisbon
Portuguese | English
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Email Sofia Pereira - PM2

Sofia Pereira

Property Manager Lisbon
Portuguese | English
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Email Sofia Duarte - PM2

Sofia Duarte

Property Manager Porto
Portuguese | English | Spanish | French


What our Clients say

Tim Campbell New York, Los Angeles, USA
I’m happy to give Michael and his team my highest recommendation. Michael’s team is responsive, efficient, cost effective and highly sensitive to his client’s needs and worries. I’ve never had to wait more than a few hours to get a response to my emails, and they have coordinated installation of services, taken deliveries and coordinated cleaning for us. They have exceeded my very high expectations at every turn. You are in exceptional hands with them.
Maria Luísa Owner of a Building with 15 apartments & a store Lisbon, Portugal
I am very happy with the service provided by the company. I feel relaxed because they deal with all the inherent problems not only of good maintenance of the property, as well as intermediary with tenants. When a contract ends and if I am interested in renewing or not, tenants always talk to Michael Limpens, who always tries to solve problems after talking to me.
Curt Texas, USA
I do recommend Michael Limpens and his firm PM2. I engaged him almost a year ago to assist with an apartment I have in Lisbon. Him and his colleague Maria have coordinated numerous repairs, listed the apartment for rental, accommodated renters and visitors, and collected, remitted, and accurately reported financial transactions. I have found them to be competent and responsive.
Patricia V. Utrecht, Netherlands
Michael, I would like to congratulate you for the quality with which you have presented us with your Property Management Services. We are very happy with the overall aspects of the service and it is a pleasure to know that we have this support in Portugal. It effectively becomes possible to maintain a property from a distance without any trouble. Let's go PM2!
Jerome Luxembourg
Michael and his team are incredibly reliable and reactive. Great experience from renovating a house to securing tenants to day to day management. Highly recommended.
Jan te N. Gwangju, Korea
My compliments on your crystal clear administrative system. What a delight. I hired the services of PM2 to save time; with PM2’s excellent administrative system, I have a lot of time for my favorite activities. Keep up the good work.

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